6 Gold medals at Nailympics USA!

The hard work paid off and we enjoyed some luck ;-). Team Iryna Giblett took 6 Gold and 1 Silver medal at the Nailympics 2012 competitions held in Long Beach, California from 25-26 June 2012. The winners included:

Viktoria Prihodko who is a Global Educator for the Iryna Giblett Nail Academy and distributes our products in Estonia. Remarkably, Viktoria took Gold in every competition she competed in.
* Gold medal - Division 3, Tip Overlay Gel Open
* Gold medal - Division 3, Natural Nail Soak-Off Gel Manicure
* Gold medal - Division 3, Stiletto
* Gold medal - Division 3, Nail Embellishment

Lina Nyberg, Educator with the Iryna Giblett Nail Academy in Sweden:
* Gold medal - Division 2, Stiletto

Iryna Giblett :
* Gold medal - Division 2, Fantasy