About us

The Best Products for the Best Nails

Your nails deserve the best products. As accomplished nail artists, we know what it takes to achieve strong, healthy, and beautiful nails. That’s why we provide only the most innovative, reliable, safe and easy-to-apply nail products.

Always Innovating

An industry first, our all-new OPTIMA gels function as both full-cover manicure gels and gel paints for impressive One-Stroke painting and other nail art techniques. Compatible with both traditional UV lamps and LED UV lamps, the OPTIMA gels cure to an incredible high shine without an inhibition layer.

Our recently launched IKON.iQ LUX family of beautiful glitter gels is unmatched for eye-catching glamor. With 17 colors to choose from, these fun and reliable glitter gels are perfect for mixing and matching.

The new IKON.iQ EXCEL acrylic system is another one of our most successful product innovations. Containing the finest polymer grains, EXCEL improves monomer absorption to produce a wonderfully creamy acrylic ball that is always a pleasure to work with. This system provides excellent adhesion and the natural cover pink, bright white, and crystal-glass polymers produce gorgeous nails that have excellent adhesion for even the most active lifestyles.

Our IKON.iQ ONE gel is a clear, one-phase gel with perfect viscosity for easy application and great adhesion, making it suitable even for those who are rough on their nails. As our most affordable gel, the ONE gel can also be used as a top gel with the ULTIMATE series.

The IKON.iQ ULTIMATE Gel System provides performance unbeaten by any other product on the market today. The IKON.iQ gels eliminate discomfort with cool curing. And you can forget about allergies because the ULTIMATE gels are hypoallergenic. The IKON.iQ Champion White gel is also the brightest white gel in the market. Both Champion White and Pure White are the first white gels that can be applied and cured in one layer without shrinkage or c-curve reduction, ULTIMATE are the Holy Grail of white UV gels!

Safety is Not Optional

And nails are no exception. We believe that nail products should be as safe as possible. We want to help nail technicians avoid the risk of contact dermatitis or lung related illness such as asthma. Increasingly, dermatologists have seen occupational illnesses caused by acrylate products. Nail and dental technicians are among the highest risk. This is why the IKON.iQ products do not contain ingredients such as HEMA (2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate), TPO (Trimethylbenzoyl Diphenylphosphine Oxide), or HQ (Hydroquinone).

All of the IKON.iQ gels, acrylics, glitter gels, and gel paints are hypoallergenic. In comparison, most companies do not offer hypoallergenic gels or acrylics. Those that do are typically limited to one or two hypoallergenic products at a much higher price.

World-class Education

Not long ago, if you wanted to obtain the most modern and advanced professional nail education you would need to be fluent in Russian and take classes in either Russia or Ukraine. Today, the Iryna Giblett Nail Academy and our network of academies in seven countries provide a level of education that is matched by few schools anywhere in Europe. With more than 70 international competition medals won during the last five years in the USA, UK, and Russia, we are one of only three academies in Europe to offer education ranging from beginner to an international competition level in every technique and category.

Your Success is Our Success

We’re passionate about the nail industry, and we want to help our fellow nail technicians achieve greater levels of success. We partner with our customers by offering exceptional products and World-class education. We help nail technicians create stellar reputations and distinguish themselves from low-cost salons. Stand out as a premium boutique nail technician with us as your partner.