About us

Iryna Giblett Inc. is one of the newest and fastest growing professional nail product manufacturers in Europe. Created in Sweden by international and Ukrainian nail artist Iryna Giblett in 2009, our professional nail products and nail academies are available and appreciated in eight countries.

At our heart, we are an amazing education company that sells products - and not one of the many product companies that offer some limited education.

Evidence of this is that in 2012, Educators from the internationally respected Iryna Giblett Nail Academy won 8 Gold medals and the prestigious Winner of Winners trophy at the international Nailympics competitions in the USA & UK - a unique achievement. And since 2009 our competition team has won more than 60 international medals; in gel, acrylic, soak-off gel and every nail art category. These achievements make us one of the few Academies in Europe that can honestly say we deliver "World-class nail education".

The Difference is our Experience

Iryna Giblett Inc. is a company that is owned and managed by nail technicians for nail technicians. We work in close harmony with our expert team of Global Educators to develop new products and constantly update our education programmes, so that we remain at the top of the industry. This team has deep experience of the nail industry; from working in their salons, teaching, competing and judging competitions at the highest international level. It is this rare combination of advanced skills, deep knowledge and our experience of competing and judging at the highest level that define the quality of our products and constantly advances our education.

Inspire and Educate

Our main objective is to “Inspire and Educate”. Through the work of our Educators and our own enthusiasm, we hope to inspire you to develop your skills. We are working to bring education comparable to the best Russian schools to more countries in Europe and make high-quality training available and affordable for all.

Education - the key to Success

All successful nail technicians understand that great education was essential to their own success. Developing your skills helps you to stand above your local competition and the low-cost salons. It gives you professional confidence, helps you to release your creativity and it will help you to create your own reputation - so that you can attract customers who are willing to pay more for a specialist.

Small is beautiful

We are and will always remain, a family company. We don't want private investors telling us how to make more profit for them, nor do we have any interest to sold to a global cosmetics organisation.

In a world of mass-produced products that have little value, our ambition is to provide unique products and outstanding education, to be true to our promises and to earn international respect for both ourselves and our partners. "Nail design excellence" is more than a marketing slogan - for us it is a commitment to our customers and a way of life.

Thanks for reading,
Iryna and Bob Giblett xx